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The Children's Village

Meeting The Needs

Meeting The Needs

Shelter:  Within our main 12,500 square-foot Children's Village structure, our children will experience dorm-style living to cultivate a sense of security, stability and support.


Food:  One of our top priorities will be providing high-quality, nutritious meals served to our children in their spacious dining facility. In addition to our garden and bakery, other healthy food options will be available to round out a healthy menu for our growing children.


Clothing:  School uniforms, formal and casual clothing will be supplied to each of our children to build their dignity and self-esteem.


Medical:  Local health care professionals will staff an on-sight medical clinic for our children at the Village. Over time, we hope to expand this facility to help meet the needs of the local community as well.


Education:  Through our sister organization Worldwide Children's Aid Network (WeCAN), ICAN has purchased Heartwood Independent School.   Heartwood has the required Section-21 registration and Department of Education number, allowing it to sanction a satellite school in the ICAN South African Children's Village. In turn, this school will pursue South Africa's highly valued NQF accreditation.


Arts and Recreation:  ICAN is committed to creating an environment where the creativity of our children will be encouraged and nurtured by gifted mentors in all aspects of the arts. Additionally, recreation in the forms of competitive sports and other healthy activities will be available at the Children's Village.

Financial Support

Private Donations: ICAN is grateful to our friends and partners who have so generously supported our cause to provide for orphans on the African continent. You can donate to ICAN by check or through PayPal to support our beloved children. As we bring our children on-site to live at the Children's Village, we will also be launching a child-sponsor program, in order to give our friends and partners the ability to help support the on-going needs of our children.


Fundraising:  Through a series of social events and banquets, individual and corporate donors have helped build the Children's Village. Upcoming planned events include additional social events, banquets, auctions, golf tournaments, among other gatherings designed to help support our children.


Government Support: With the launch of the Children's Village, the Government of South Africa will be required to provide a measure of financial support to assist with the cost of housing and care for our children.

Daycare:  With hundreds of toddlers living near the Children's Village, we will have another stream of income from a professionally run daycare program. The strong need for daycare in the local community, coupled with our on-site resources will make daycare services a great fit for the Children's Village.

Financial Support

Empowering The Children

Heartwood Independent School, the Business Training School, the Hydraform Brick Making Business, the professional daycare business and the Village Bakery all afford training opportunities for the Children. In addition to seeking out higher education opportunities for the children, ICAN leaders will also network in the local area to help identify employment opportunities to successfully launch graduates back into the community.

Empowering The Children
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