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Our Team

Dr. William and Barbara Peters

William Peters, Ph.D.: President and Co-founder of ICAN, Inc., Bill Peters received his nation's third highest combat award "the Silver Star" two Bronze Stars with combat V, and the Purple Heart for gallantry in action in Vietnam. 

Holding a B.A. degree from San Francisco State University, he went on to complete coursework for a Master's degree in Education, in addition to receiving a California Lifetime Teaching Credential, counseling certification, a Master's degree in Divinity and a Ph.D. in Psychology. He is the author of First Force Recon Company - Sunrise at Midnight, a book published and distributed worldwide by Random House, chronicling his Vietnam experiences with an elite Marine Special Operations unit.


Barbara Peters: Chairman of the Board and Co-founder of ICAN, Inc with her husband Bill, Barbara Peters has more than two decades of experience in education and counseling, and has served as Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of a non-profit corporation for the past 15 years. During the last six years, Barbara, together with her husband, Bill, has been deeply involved in building multi-service centers used for children's daycare, medical and educational programs in South Africa. She has traveled extensively in the Southern regions of Sub-Saharan Africa, conducting fact-finding missions on the plight of African Orphans and Vulnerable Children. Barbara is a graduate of the International School of Ministry Bible College.

Ed Bowen

Board Member

Ed Bowen has joined the board of directors for the International Children’s Aid Network. Ed was born in Toronto, Canada and raised in California. He graduated from the University of Southern California as an art major in 1966. Upon entering the Army during the height of the Vietnam War in 1967, Ed was chosen to join the ranks of 46 combat artists selected to depict the war artistically. This assignment often placed Ed in extremely dangerous combat situations and his artwork became part of the Army’s Vietnam War Collection.  His popular book, “Drawing Fire” is a powerful autobiography, turned screenplay concerning faith, hope and redemption. Returning to the University of Southern California in 1969, Ed earned a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts in 1971. Ed has been an artist and a businessman for over forty years marketing his faith inspired jewelry in stores across America. Currently Ed shares his art with various schools and various Freedom Committee organizations in a presentation called, “Vietnam Through the Eyes of a Combat Artist”.  Ed currently resides in Corona Del Mar, California where he continues painting while enjoying time with his two daughters Kelly and Susie and grandson Max.

John Mutula with his wife Tandy Mutula.

Founders of WECAN, Worldwide Children's Aid Network.

Bill Peters and John Mutula

Soweto South Africa

Dr. Bill Peters has been working closely with Soweto resident, John Mutula, since 2003. It has been the strong coalition of these two visionaries that has brought forth the Children's Village in Soweto South Africa.

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