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Bunk-Beds, Bathrooms and More...

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Our ICAN Children’s Village in Soweto,South Africa is approaching their grand opening in 2018. We recently purchased a new 23 passenger van so we can pick up and bring home children who attend our day care.

This van is just one of the recent updates we want to share with you.

Kids enjoying the new playground along the grounds of the ICAN Village.

Tables and Chairs for the daycare kids and orphans to use.

Nicely tiled showers with glass doors.

Handicap Ramp on the front veranda of the Children’s Village

Computer in security office showing cameras throughout the village

The commercial grade kitchen of the Children’s Village

Thank you for your interest in the Children's Village of Soweto South Africa. It is donations from people like yourselves that keep this dream alive for the orphans of that community.

Any donation helps. To donate now just click here.


Dr. Bill and Barbara Peters

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