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Our First Orphans Are In!

The International Children’s Aid Network, ICAN, is very excited to announce the arrival of our first 13 full-time residents of our Children’s Village located in Soweto, South Africa.

Each child has their health and lineage records thoroughly reviewed by several government agencies prior to becoming residents of the village. More orphaned children’s records are now being processed as quickly as possible so that they can be eligible to live at the village. ICAN’s mission is to shelter, feed, clothe, and to provide education and medical assistance to 100 resident orphaned children at the Village.

At this time we are asking for your financial support to help us successfully launch the opening of the Children’s Village to these first 100 orphans. ICAN has pledged not only to build this beautiful Village but also to help sustain these wonderful children that are living there.

Please consider donating now, any amount will help, click here to donate.

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